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Welcome to Elancé at Sarasota

Luxury Living in Sarasota, Florida 

Indulge in the epitome of luxury living mere moments away from the pristine shores of Siesta Key. Immerse yourself in a sanctuary reminiscent of a spa retreat, cocooned by opulent landscapes evoking the essence of Florida's Central Park. Elevate your lifestyle with days brimming with upscale experiences, from exclusive boutique shopping and haute cuisine dining to captivating ballet and symphony performances. Experience a lifestyle that defines sophistication and refinement, where every moment is an exquisite escape into indulgence.

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Ready for your new home? Come to tour Elancé at Sarasota and see how we provide our residents with the life they have earned and deserve.

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"Elancé at Sarasota is amazing! The staff truly go above and beyond to care for each and every resident. The campus of the community is breathtaking and they offer an abundant amount of amenities to keep the residents busy."


"10/10 community! My mother has lived here for 3 years and has never said a negative thing. She is so happy and vibrant since living in the community. I often times visit her for lunch and the food is to die for."


The pool area is the best. The food is amazingly yummy and the amenities keep me and my husband busy. We are never moving!



3260 Lake Pointe Blvd,

Sarasota, FL 34231

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