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Assisted Living at Elancé Luxury Living

After retirement, assisted living can be a viable option for you or a family member. Assisted living combines an independent environment with the availability of support services such as medication administration, meals, nursing care, activities, medical services, and transportation. The setting can benefit a wide variety of people from those who need minimal care but would prefer a community-based social network; to those for whom the daily upkeep of the home and transportation has become a burden; to those who, due to a medical event or other impairment, require more help, care, or supervision.

When you have made the decision to opt for assisted living, your choice should be guided by your own needs and personality or those of your parent or family member. Early planning is key to making an informed decision, not one that results from a crisis situation or stress.

Elancé Luxury Living Assisted Living Communities


Elancé Luxury Living 

2847 Penn Forest Blvd

Ste 201

Cave Spring, VA 24018

Elancé Luxury Living


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